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Physics 2 - Swingweight 0

By Gisle Solhaug |

Bryson DeChambeau won the 2018 Dell Technologies Championship by two strokes over Justin Rose.  Thereby winning two times in a row.  DeChambeau is the only player in the field using a set of matched clubs.  He will also be the only player in the Ryder cup playing a set of clubs scientifically matched.  Anything we can learn from that?

The first thing one should conclude is that it makes sense to play with clubs that are matched so that you can apply the same consistent swing to all your clubs.  This can never be achieved with a set of clubs matched by Swingweight.  Every golfer needs to understand that Swingweight serves no purpose. It is now being used in a way that the inventor never intended.  Every player on the PGA Tour, except Bryson DeChambeau, is suffering from it.

There are disadvantages, as well as advantages, of having all the clubs the same length.  When all your clubs have the same mass, moment of inertia, and length you can apply the same consistent swing to all your clubs.  Being able to use the same swing for all your clubs is a huge advantage.  However, your "shorter" clubs will be less accurate, and your "longer" clubs will have a lower than optimal ball flight as compared to a standard set of club.  BioMatch gives you the best of both worlds.  You keep your standard length clubs while still being able to apply the same swing to all your clubs.  And I mean all your clubs, not just your irons, as is the case with the single length irons.

The current success of single length irons proves that there is a need for matching of golf clubs.  BioMatch fills this need without the golfer having to buy new clubs, and it does so for all the clubs in the bag.

BioMatch gives you deadly accuracy with every club in the bag.  BioMatch is easily applied to your existing clubs by installing the recommended size of weight to the grip end of your clubs.  The patented BioMatch application builds a model of your body swinging each of your clubs.  Thereby, determining the optimum weight to be added to each of your clubs for your body, hands, and clubhead to be synchronized at impact.  Your game will improve, effortlessly, once you have installed the weights.

Bryson DeChambeau's single length irons are all matched. The BioMatch method of matching golf clubs determines the optimum mass of each club in the set. The optimum mass is a function of club length, club moment of inertia, and lie angle as well as the properties of the golfer. As all these variables are identical for all of Bryson DeChambeau's irons, the BioMatch method will yield the same optimum weight for all his irons. As all his irons do have the same weight, they are matched according to the BioMatch method.

See www.rational-golf.com for details.

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BioMatch at the 2018 WSCG

By Gisle Solhaug |

BioMatch was introduced to the Scientific Golf Community last week at the 2018 World Scientific Conference of Golf held at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Canada. The Inventor of #BioMatch, Gisle Solhaug, presented his work on Scientific Matching of Golf Clubs as a Poster Presentation at the #WSCG2018.  The WSCG brings together the leading minds in golf research to share their latest work as well as expose those findings to golf instructors and coaches in attendance.

Gaining acceptance for the BioMatch method of matching golf clubs from the scientific community is crucial for successfully spreading the solution to all golfers around the world.  The BioMatch method is confirmed to improve the golfer´s proficiency effortlessly.  After a golfer has had his clubs altered by inserting a specific weight into the grip end of each of his or her clubs, one consistent swing can be applied to all the clubs in the set.  BioMatch is shown to improve dispersion and consistency drastically.  Gisle is currently working with other scientists on a more extensive research program for further substantiation of BioMatch that will be peer-reviewed and published.

Hanging out with Sasho MacKenzie and the other golf scientist at the WSCG was a fantastic experience.  It serves as an inspiration to continue my work on helping golfers improve their game through proper matching of golf clubs.

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Another BioMatch Champion

Joe Redoutey won the Club Championship and the President Cup at Harbor Hills Country Club, Florida. Joe, a 10 handicapper, shot a net score of 71, 68 and finished the third round with a strong 67. Congratulations!

Joe is the owner of Brodie Golf, the club fitting shop located at Harbor Hills Country Club. Brodie Golf, https://www.joereddgolf.com, became a BioMatch Fitting Center about a month ago. Since then they have been doing on average two BioMatch fittings a day. All with great results. As the only Biomatch fitting center in the region, Brodie Golf is attracting a lot of customers. I guess Joe is shooting himself in the foot as he will receive stiffer competition next year from the players that he has matched the clubs for.

Brodie Golf is also marketing their own complete range of golf clubs under the brand Joe Redd.

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Science and Research in Golf

By Gisle Solhaug |

Science and research are about questioning old beliefs, right? Since the beginning of club making golfers have tried to find a way of matching golf clubs so that they can apply the same consistent swing to all their clubs. Building a matched set of clubs is considered the Holy Grail of golf. Today golfers still use the 95-year-old method of Swingweight. Swingweight was made as an approximation to MOI around the center of the grip (MOIG), as there were no instruments readily available for measuring MOI at the time. Today this arbitrary method is entirely off target as shafts are no longer made of wood and shafts of various materials are mixed in a set of clubs. It should be evident to anyone with a slight knowledge of Newtonian physics that the properties that affect how a club moves when swung are Mass and MOIG.

I have solved the problem of matching golf clubs. The solution is patented and is named BioMatch. I do not think I would have been able to solve the problem had I not been an outsider to the science of golf.  As a mechanical engineer, I was able to solve the problem by considering conservation of energy. The Swingweight method is so ingrained in golfers at all levels that very few can imagine a world without Swingweight. Even golf scientists and professional golfers match their clubs by Swingweight. When I tell these people that there is a better way, I am met with disbelief.

Last week I presented my solution to the 500-year-old problem under the Inventors Spotlight at the PGA Show.  Some club fitters are signing up to take advantage of the new technology.  However, one would imagine that the industry, in general, would pay some attention to such a breakthrough.

Anyone that has tried the BioMatch method will tell you that it does wonders for their dispersion and game in general. It works.

In an attempt to cut through the disbelief, I have written a paper on Scientific Matching of Golf Clubs. It is available on request. Independent testing has also proven the that the method works. However, a more scientific approach to testing is required to have my paper published. If anyone is interested in carrying out such a test, I have made a research proposal available on request. I would welcome any advice on how to move this forward.

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Preparing for the PGA Show

By Gisle Solhaug |

If you are at the PGA Show, you might want to stop by booth 3593. Rational Golf is presenting its BioMatch one swing club matching system. One consistent swing for all your clubs means better dispersion.

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Angelina Ye wins her first AJGA Invitational

By Gisle Solhaug |

Angelina Ye, a 16-year-old student at the IMG Golf Academy won the AJGA Invitational at World Golf Village yesterday (January 15, 2018).  She played the final round one under par to secure the victory.  She is thereby qualified for Symetra Tour´s Florida´s Natural Charity Classic in March.

Angelina is one of several players at the IMG Academy that is taking advantage of the BioMatch one-swing golf club matching system.  Angelina had her clubs matched just two weeks before the tournament.  She is a very talented and hard-working young lady that has already been accepted to Stanford University. 

Angelina appeared on the Morning Drive on the Golf Channel this morning together with Annika Sorenstam.  She impressed everyone with her focus on both Academics and Golf.  It will be very interesting to watch her progress.

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Another Victory for BioMatch

By Gisle Solhaug |

Gregory Solhaug (14) of Norway won the IMG Junior Tour at North Shore GC in Orlando this weekend (October 21- 22, 2017).  Shang Huang (14) of China was leading by one shot after the first day.  On the final day, Shang was hitting every fairway with long drives.  He outdrove Gregory with an average of 70 yards.  Although Gregory needed long irons and woods to reach the greens in regulation, he only missed one green in regulation.  His approach shots were so accurate that he made three birdies on the last day and shot three under par.  Winning the tournament by seven shots.  It is more important where you put from than how good your putting is.  Gregory´s clubs are matched by #BioMatch, which helps him shoot straight with every club.


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Take Five Shots Off Your Game, Effortlessly

By Gisle Solhaug |

So far we have matched about 250 golfers with the revolutionary BioMatch system.  Typically 20 handicappers start playing five strokes under their handicap after a few rounds of golf.  We have fitted about twenty serious junior players; they all post better scores and do better in tournaments instantaneously. 

BioMatch is a computer application, available at www.rational-golf.com, which creates a model of your body swinging your clubs.  It thereby determines the exact weight to be added to the grip end of each of your clubs for you to use the same swing for all your clubs.  The tailored set of weights is specified in the BioMatch report and is then ready for order.

After having the tailored BioMatch weights fitted in your shafts, you will notice a difference in how the clubs feel when you swing them.  Before your first game with your “new” clubs, we suggest a session at the driving range to get a feel for how they swing.  When hitting balls at the range try to relax your wrists and trust the clubs without trying to steer the club head.  Some golfers will experience an instant improvement in ball striking.  Others will only notice a slight improvement during the first round, but then continue to improve over time as the subconscious mind is getting used to only handling one swing rather than 13. Some golfers report that the clubs feel weird the first day, then the next day they cannot even feel that the weights are there.

The overall mass of a golf club affects how fast the hands move in the downswing.  The moment of inertia around the center of your grip (MOIG) of a golf club affects how quickly the club releases, or swings around the hands.  Specifying and applying the correct ratio between MOIG and Mass of each club will match the clubs so that the hands will be in the proper position at impact.  Once the golfer achieves a good swing with one club, the good swing will automatically transfer to every club in a set matched by BioMatch.  That is how BioMatch makes you hit more fairways and greens and lower your scores.

Click here to get started with BioMatch.

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Why It Sucks To Be a Golfer

By Gisle Solhaug |

Thirteen Different Swings

Golfers play with 13 different full swing clubs of random Mass and Moment of Inertia.  These are the two physical properties that affect how a club behaves when swung.  Still, these two properties are ignored by the golf industry.  The subconscious mind of the golfer thereby has to learn one swing for each club.  It also has to tell them apart by waggling the club before swinging it.  To swing one club in an efficient and consistent manner is an achievement.  To learn thirteen different swings and be able to tell them apart at a subconscious level is next to impossible. 

Even if the club makers wanted to produce clubs of optimal Mass and Moment of Inertia, it would not be easy to do as the properties of each golfer comes into play as well.  The physical properties of each club would have to be optimized for each and every customer.

Brain Maps (Muscle Memory)

It gets worse; it has been found that while growing one brain map, another brain map may shrink.  This, as brain maps are competing for neurons and space (Zumerchik, 2010).   For example, by practicing with a 9-iron, the proficiency of the other 12 clubs will drop.  The only way to solve this problem is to have one brain map that covers all thirteen full swing clubs. 


Rational Golf LLC of Florida has solved the problem by creating an algorithm, named BioMatch, that makes a computer model of the player´s body swinging each of the clubs in the bag.  Based on input such as body mass and height and various properties of the clubs the algorithm calculates how much weight has to be added to the grip end of each club for the upper body, hands, and clubhead to be synchronized at the impact position, while the golfer applies one consistent swing.  This is how the BioMatch method of golf club matching takes the complexity out of golf.



The BioMatch method of matching golf clubs is available on www.rational-golf.com.  Any golfer or club fitter may use the site to carry out the calculations and order a tailored set of weights to be inserted into the grip end of the clubs.  The original weight of each club has to be entered on the website, so keep a kitchen scale handy.  Club fitters that have converted to the BioMatch method of matching golf clubs, and thrown away the Swingweight scale, are able to measure the moment of inertia.  For those that do not yet have access to a moment of inertia scale, the moment of inertia will be estimated based on club weight and a database of clubhead weights.

Mass Production

Rational Golf has developed a method that golf club manufacturers can implement for taking online orders and optimize the weight of each club to suit each customer in an efficient manner.

The inventor of BioMatch and founder of Rational Golf LLC, Gisle Solhaug, can be contacted on [email protected]

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Rational Golf Appoints Designer Golf UK Distributor

Rational Golf LLC of Florida has signed a distributor agreement with Designer Golf Ltd club fitting studio of the United Kingdom.  The contract gives Designer Golf the rights to deliver the revolutionary BioMatch One-Swing Golf Club Matching system directly to its customers.  BioMatch will provide more accuracy and distance to all Designer Golf´s club-fitting customers and thereby improve the competitiveness of Designer Golf.

BioMatch offers effortless improvement to any golfer's game by matching the golf clubs within the set and to the body of the golfer.  Thereby taking back the accuracy and distance that Swingweight matched golf clubs are robbing you off.  The revolutionary system is applied to any golfer´s clubs, old or new.

The online application, available at www.rational-golf.com, creates a model of the golfer swinging each of his or her clubs and thereby determines the optimum weight for each club.  The target weight is achieved by adding a specific proprietary weight inside the shaft at the grip end of each club.  BioMatch is the last step in the club fitting process. 

Once the weights are installed the golfer´s game will improve effortlessly as he or her now only have to ingrain one swing in the subconscious mind.  Steering of the club is no longer necessary and is discouraged.  The method provides significantly better accuracy and slightly more distance to golfers at all levels.  BioMatch is a must have for any golfer who cares about their scores, or even the enjoyment of the game.

BioMatch replaces the arbitrary Swingweight method of matching golf clubs.  The more scientifically inclined golf professionals do understand the problems the outdated Swingweight method creates and are searching for new solutions.  One such example is Bryson DeChambeau's single length irons.  Entering the properties of the single length irons into the BioMatch algorithm proves that his Irons are matched.  BioMatch achieves the advantages of the single length irons without the disadvantages of the single length irons such as reduced accuracy with the “short” irons and lack of distance and height with the “long” Irons.  Besides, the other clubs in DeChambeau's set are not matched to his single length irons.  BioMatch matches all the clubs in your set.  The putter is the only exception.  As the putting stroke is a completely different motion, it does not interfere with the subconscious routine of swinging the other clubs.

Designer Golf Ltd, located in Daventry just north of London, is now trained and fully equipped to implement the patented BioMatch method to its customers.  Steve Low, Managing Director of Designer Golf Ltd, was stunned by the results that BioMatch brought and grabbed the opportunity to become the UK Distributor with both hands: “After applying the method to my clubs I was shocked to see the dispersion, or lack of such, shown on my Flightscope.  Designer Golf is now set to revolutionize the club fitting business in the United Kingdom and welcomes customers from all over Europe”.

The founder of Rational Golf LLC of Florida and inventor of the BioMatch system, Gisle Solhaug, is excited to work with Designer Golf as he will be able to serve golfers in the UK better.  The cooperation with Designer Golf will be used as a model for how Rational Golf will appoint and work with distributors worldwide.

Golfers are welcome to learn more at www.rational-golf.com.  Club fitters in Europe should contact Steve Low, club fitters outside Europe should get in touch with Gisle Solhaug.

Rational Golf LLC is seeking investors to accelerate growth.

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