I do think I have the honor of being the first person to try out your BioMatch system, and I must admit that I am all inn !!
I think the swing is a lot smoother and it allows me to have just one swing. I started out with 6.1 hcp but after a year and a half I am now down to 3,9 !
I would like to dedicate my last years Norwegian Police Championship to Rational Golf and Gisle Solhaug !! Geir Leknes, Oslo, Norway

I have practiced twice with the clubs after you installed the weights. The first time I struggled a little with the long irons but were installed.  The woods went well and they felt like a match to the set even though they were from different manufactures. Today I played 18 holes at The Members Club of the back tees and breezed around in an easy 67 (-5), best round of the year.  The clubs felt great and my ball striking was consistent, now I need to make more putts.. 
Thanks so much for the work on my clubs. Mark Rummings, Sarasota, Florida
Head Golf Professional, The Ritz-Carlton

I am a 15 handicapper. Today I shot 78, two days ago I shot 80. BioMatch is definitely making a huge impact on my game. Thank you for Everything. Jim Beatty, Jeffersonville, Indiana

Received the back weights yesterday and installed immediately. Played in my money group today. Did not practice with the new set up at all. As I said, I am 72 and shot 73 today. Unbelievable. My guys were pissed and wondered what happened. Did not miss a drive. Did not miss a fairway wood. Mishit a couple of irons when I decelled, but hit 4 inside 6ft and made 3 of the 4 for birdie and lipped the other. Have not hit irons that close since before I had my left hip replaced about 5 years ago. Only area I had some issues were on my wedges. Not the full wedges, but the pitch and chip shots. Came up short on all but the last one which I almost flopped in hole. I think it will just take me a little time to get feel with new weighting on the touch shots. For me, Gilse, you have a winner in your system. I got all these different weights and didn't question it...I just installed and trusted. I am blown away. Didn't really hit ball further, but my accuracy was amazing and my misses were minor. First time I didn't hit a trap in a long time. Greens were slow and I am not great putter on slow greens. Had they been fast, I do believe I shoot my age. Will keep you posted. I am STOKED! William Milne, Buena Park, California

I wanted to get back to you about my experience with the Bio-Match. When I first started swinging the clubs I did notice something different but I couldn’t put it into words. It was strictly a feeling I was experiencing. So, I waited to let you know until I could figure out a word for it. What I came up with is balanced. A constant and consistent feeling throughout the swing. However, what I suspected before I tried it is that the average player wouldn’t notice the difference and still feel that way. It’s very subtle but noticeable to me. I’m not sure if I could have felt the difference if I had a blind test with clubs that had the bio-match and clubs without.
Knowing they are there now and the feeling I get, I feel that I have more time to swing the club, if that makes sense. So, I think that this product would be best suited for pros and lower handicapped players that are both technical and feel players. I’m not sure if this helps you in any way. Sal Martignetti, Sarasota, Florida
Elliptic Golf Swing

I’m pleased to report I have back weighted my clubs using your system. I’ve hit some balls at the driving range and the results were quite astonishing. I began with a 9 iron and worked my way down to the driver. I was able to put the same feeling swing and swing speed on every club. This is quite remarkable. All clubs felt the same. I did not feel a need to adapt my swing to each club change. Their balance was perfect. Max Thompson, Birkenhead Auckland,New Zealand
Senior Professional, NZPGA

I started using these in all my clubs last month. The results have been really good, having played Sarabay CC in under par for the first time and my Trackman numbers being more consistent. The wedges feel great, my mid irons flight is a little lower, but my long irons that was too high now have a lower stronger flight. For the M1 driver it was tough to get the right formula to make it work. Now with Rational Golf - it's perfect. Thanks to Mr. Gisle Solhaug for giving me the opportunity to play this product. Andrew Oliphant, Sarasota, FL
Senior Instructor, IMG Golf Academy

OMG!!! As soon as I can I will send you a couple of screen grabs 9I, 7I and 4W dispersion is unreal, will give you more detailed feedback after the weekend Steve Low, Daventry, United Kingdom
Director, Designer Golf

I wanted to email you and let you know what I experienced with your product. I am 71 years old 5'9" tall 170 pounds. I have a 5 handicap. My swing speed with a driver is 95 mph. My stock 7 iron goes 150 yards. My friends in my senior game say that my swing is very smooth. The problem I have is that I keep aging even though I exercise everyday. I try to offset this by buying new equipment every two years. The thought is "better technology will help me". And it does. I read in "Golf Tips" magazine an article about your product. It made sense to me so I went ahead and ordered your product and installed it according to the instructions. I want to be honest when I tried my clubs with counter weights in them my reaction was "What have I done.. these are not my clubs !". The feeling was not bad but just different. I decided to stick with the counter weights. After 20 to 30 practice balls it got better and better and better. My dispersion pattern got tighter. My distance improved. In my opinion this came about because the ball is coming off the club head from the sweet spot more often. Am I ready for the Senior Tour ???? NO!!!!!!! But I am getting more skins in my senior game. Jan Meyer, Oxford, OH

BioMatch is the best innovation I have seen in the golf industry over the last 25 years as a club maker! Andrew Ash, United Kingdom
Founder, Designer Golf

I wanted to take the time to let you know about my golfing experience following the installation of the Biomatch weights on my golf clubs. The bottom line up front is that I have never been more consistent with my golf game than I have after adding the weights. I am consistently hitting straighter and longer with all my irons and hybrids. The only drawback (if you can call it that) is: 1) since my clubs are going further than before I have to convince/trust myself to hit less club than before especially on shots 135 yards in to the green or basically my 3 wedges (SW, Gap and PW). I rarely miss tee shots on par 3's and just missed a handful of "hole in ones". The golf ball is tracking to the pin as never before. My only misses are usually self inflicted when I pull the trigger too quick. Before installing the weights I was a 12.6 but the handicap has dropped 3 full strokes in just over a month. Shot my best back to back rounds (79/77) in 20 years. Your product is a game changer. I'm playing the best more consistent golf at 62 years young. Arthur M. Pineda, Cypress, Texas