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BioMatch was introduced to the Scientific Golf Community last week at the 2018 World Scientific Conference of Golf held at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Canada. The Inventor of #BioMatch, Gisle Solhaug, presented his work on Scientific Matching of Golf Clubs as a Poster Presentation at the #WSCG2018.  The WSCG brings together the leading minds in golf research to share their latest work as well as expose those findings to golf instructors and coaches in attendance.

Gaining acceptance for the BioMatch method of matching golf clubs from the scientific community is crucial for successfully spreading the solution to all golfers around the world.  The BioMatch method is confirmed to improve the golfer´s proficiency effortlessly.  After a golfer has had his clubs altered by inserting a specific weight into the grip end of each of his or her clubs, one consistent swing can be applied to all the clubs in the set.  BioMatch is shown to improve dispersion and consistency drastically.  Gisle is currently working with other scientists on a more extensive research program for further substantiation of BioMatch that will be peer-reviewed and published.

Hanging out with Sasho MacKenzie and the other golf scientist at the WSCG was a fantastic experience.  It serves as an inspiration to continue my work on helping golfers improve their game through proper matching of golf clubs.