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Matching Golf Clubs by Moment of Inertia

By Gisle Solhaug |

These days' instruments for measuring the moment of inertia around the grip end of the club are available at a low cost. This has brought about the opportunity of matching a set of clubs by making all the clubs have the same moment of inertia.  Some golf club manufacturers, such as Big Fish Golf of Singapore and Wishon Golf of Colorado, are matching their clubs my moment of inertia.  This is a step in the right direction from the Swingweight method as it is an actual physical property.  There are, however, two problems with the moment of inertia method:  The golf club does not rotate around the grip end of the club.  Thereby the moment of inertia around the grip end is not all that relevant.  Secondly; the system does not specify the mass of the golf club. The importance of the overall mass of the golf club has pretty much been ignored throughout club making history.

The BioMatch method of matching golf clubs specifies the optimum mass of each club.  One important factor in determining the optimum mass is the moment of inertia around the center of the grip.  BioMatch makes a model of your body swinging your clubs.  BioMatch thereby determines the optimum weight of each club so that your upper body, hands, and clubhead are synchronized.  The optimum weight of each club is achieved by inserting the appropriate size of weight into the grip end of each club.  Once that is done you can apply the same swing to all your clubs.  As you now only have one swing to ingrain in your mind, your game will improve effortlessly as accuracy and distance improve.

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