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Joe Redoutey won the Club Championship and the President Cup at Harbor Hills Country Club, Florida. Joe, a 10 handicapper, shot a net score of 71, 68 and finished the third round with a strong 67. Congratulations!

Joe is the owner of Brodie Golf, the club fitting shop located at Harbor Hills Country Club. Brodie Golf, https://www.joereddgolf.com, became a BioMatch Fitting Center about a month ago. Since then they have been doing on average two BioMatch fittings a day. All with great results. As the only Biomatch fitting center in the region, Brodie Golf is attracting a lot of customers. I guess Joe is shooting himself in the foot as he will receive stiffer competition next year from the players that he has matched the clubs for.

Brodie Golf is also marketing their own complete range of golf clubs under the brand Joe Redd.