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To be successful in a game as difficult as golf, you need to practice. Very few people can head out for a round and post a good score without working on their game beforehand. Practicing at a driving range is a perfect way to get better, but there are some things to remember. You need to follow the rules and be courteous of the facility and others joining you on the range.

Respect the Facility

Some driving ranges require that you hit from a mat, while others allow you to hit off the grass. It is very important to follow the rules. Stay within the boundaries. Hit each ball close to where you hit the last one to minimize damage.  


Be aware of your surroundings. Stay far away from others to minimize the risk of hitting anyone. Before you swing, look around to make sure that nobody is behind you or walking by. Never walk out on the range to retrieve balls.

Be Courteous

Remember that you are sharing the range with others. Keep the noise level down and remember to keep your cell phone set to vibrate. Avoid sudden movements around a player who is about to swing.

Care for the Greens

Most driving range facilities also offer putting greens and short-game areas for people wanting to work on chipping and putting. Treat these areas as you would a green on the golf course. Do not chip on to the greens from the driving range.

By keeping these tips in mind regarding etiquette at the driving range, you will ensure that you and all other golfers will have a pleasant experience.